Curiosity Prepares for Journey to Mars

Largest vehicle we are planning on sending to the Red Planet yet. Curiosity’s revolutionary landing system may be the step we need to one day have somebody from our own Blue Planet settle on Mars. Rather than the rover being couched in an airbag deployed shell which looses energy gradually by bouncing across the Martian surface on landing, curiosity will have retro rockets that essentially suspend the unit above the surface until deployed at a safe velocity. Curiosity is simply too large to land with the traditional inflate and bounce system. 

Our own Globe and Mail puts it even more eloquently ;). Check out the article below:

About Chasing Atlantis

In July 2011, when space enthusiasts travelled the world to witness the epic closure of the space shuttle era, Matthew Cimone began a journey of discovering acceptance, belonging, and himself. Joined by Paul Muzzin, director and long-time friend, Matthew endeavours to connect with a community of sci-fi enthusiasts, pop culture icons, and current and former space workers in attempt to resuscitate a dream that was so far out of reach it might as well be space.

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