6 Hour Remaining!!!

Hey fellow Chasers! We’re on our last few hours of our IndieGoGo campaign. So far we have raised $5265. Help us reach $5500. We’re almost there!


Your contributions go a long way for us to get key interviews and footage necessary for our film. SPOILER ALERT: These funds are already enabling our production team to head to Montreal for a series of interviews at the Canadian Space Agency; but more of that to come in tomorrow’s blog post!

And just remember if you SHARE our campaign link with your friends (heck even your enemies) you could win a ticket for a chance to go to space. Who wouldn’t want a chance to go to space.

Check out our previous blog post to find out more info about this:

– Paul

About Chasing Atlantis

In July 2011, when space enthusiasts travelled the world to witness the epic closure of the space shuttle era, Matthew Cimone began a journey of discovering acceptance, belonging, and himself. Joined by Paul Muzzin, director and long-time friend, Matthew endeavours to connect with a community of sci-fi enthusiasts, pop culture icons, and current and former space workers in attempt to resuscitate a dream that was so far out of reach it might as well be space.

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