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This page is broken into two sections monetary support and for now what we are calling non-monetary support. We cover monetary first, and past the fab T-Shirt photo below you can find non-monetary.

Monetary Support

Our IndieGoGo Campaign closed and we are grateful for those of you who choose to support us. Your funds helped fund our recent North America trip where we shot interviews in eight cities in 12 days.

However! If you’re still interested in supporting us, you can now do so through PayPal and get access to some of the cool incentives we were offering through our IndieGoGo like our Chasing Atlantis T-Shirts (See Below). Why do we need funding? Chasing Atlantis is an independently produced and self-funded film. The more support we get, the further we can develop  the film’s vision including interviews with higher profile individuals, travel to further destinations and to help complete the film itself by helping to covering post-production costs like musical score, audio mastering, color correction and a lot of other techy stuff.

PayPal Link

(Having Issues with the Link? Try Right Clicking the donation button and hit “Open in a New window/tab”)

Here are some of our cool incentives:

1) $1 Our Sincere Thanks and Shout Out from our Twitter Account 

2) $10 Digital Swag Pack: Downloadable Desktop Wallpaper, Mobile Phone Screen Image, FB Cover Photo, Downloadable Movie Poster, and Special Thanks in the Credits

3) $25 Special Thanks Package: Great Swag Pack including a Chasing Atlantis Button, Specialized Thank You Card, Special Thanks in the Credits, and Shout Out on Twitter, And the Digi Swag

4) $50 DVD Copy of Chasing Atlantis: A DVD Copy of Chasing Atlantis delivered upon DVD release of the film, Special Thanks in the Credits, and Digital Swag Pack

5) $60 Chasing Atlantis T-Shirt: Awesome Chasing Atlantis T-Shirt, Digital Swag Package, Special Thanks in Credits, and shout out on Twitter. ( T-Shirt Ships to North America Only)

6) $100 DVD Copy and Digital Swag Packs

7) $250 Personalized Internet Thanks: You will get the DVD, Digital Swag, T-Shirt, and we will personally send you a thank you note online or you can dedicate the message to somebody you care about. 

8) $300 Connect Online with Producers: Connect for 40 minutes with us on Skype. Talk to us about space, your interests in film, and how we might be able to help you out with your projects. Plus get a CA button, T-Shirt, our Digital Swag Pack, and DVD

9) $1000 Associate Producer Credit: We’d love to have you! You will receive an Associate Producer Credit in Chasing Atlantis. You will also receive the DVD, T-Shirt and Digital Swag and heck let’s hang out. 

PayPal Link

(Having Issues with the Link? Try Right Clicking the donation button and hit “Open in a New window/tab”)

Chasing Tee

Chasing Atlantis T-Shirt (Shuttle Atlantis NOT included)

Non-Monetary Support:

We are not just looking for donations, we are looking for help of all sorts. You can totally still be a huge help to us if you have  a skill you’d like to donate to us like web design, or even just want to write about us on your blog, share one of the vids on our YouTube Channel,  follow us on twitter and/or on Facebook, have us on your web show/tv show, or even just send us an encouraging note to be like “hey, I think what you’re doing is cool” which is the BEST thing EVER to get on lonely late nights editing footage and thinking you are toiling in obscurity. Maybe you’d like us to come speak at your work/school about the film, or you know the film festival scene well and want to help connect us. Please feel free to be creative. If you can think of an insightful way of supporting an indie film you believe in beyond donations, we want to hear about it.

You can Contact Us Here! 

An Unrelated but Very Cool Picture from the ISS

An Unrelated but Very Cool Picture from the ISS

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