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A Moment with Chris Hadfield: Future ISS Commander

On December 19, 2012 history will be made. Canadian Astronaut Chris Hadfield will board a Russian Soyuz rocket, blast into space, and board the International Space Station as the first Canadian commander of a space vehicle. During production we had the amazing opportunity to sit down and discuss with Chris about  the retirement of the Shuttle program, his first introduction to the space program growing up as a farm kid, and his future mission. As we follow Chris’ journey towards December 19th we want to share with you an excerpt from our interview with him regarding his 5 month mission.

– Paul

We’re in Universe Today!

Universe Today writer Elizabeth Howell contacted us a few weeks ago about doing an article in Universe Today. I was super stoked because I follow Universe Today and our team was honored to make a contribution. Elizabeth also writes about subject material we are into such as thoughts on Star Trek and SPAAAAAACE!! We are definitely down with exploring both the science as well as the fiction.

Please check out the article HERE

And a huge thank you to Elizabeth for taking the time to talk with us. Take the time to visit her site!



Atlantis Enters Vehicle Assembly Building (Cr. Ryan Horan)

Big Bang Theory hosts Astronaut Mike Massimino

In an conflation of comedy, science and science fiction, astronaut Mike Massimino will be joining the cast of Big Bang Theory tonight. Episode 515, The Friendship Contraction, will host Massimino, a past Atlantis and Columbia veteran. Massimino’s STS 125 Atlantis mission in May of 2009 was the final Hubble servicing mission featured in the IMAX documentary Hubble; one of the most amazing documentaries I’ve ever seen and certainly IMAX at its best. (Picked up this jem at a Rogers going out of business sale on Blu-Ray a few weeks ago!)

You can check out the episode on tonight! If you miss it, Canadian viewers can find it online here: (Thank you CTV)

For more on the Hubble Documentary from IMAX (This website is also very cool)

And finally, has a post about Massimino’s appearance on Big Bang Theory. The post goes into details about his career as an Astronaut and his experiences being on set.