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Chasing Atlantis Yuri’s Night Celebration Trailer

In celebration of Yuri’s Night, Chasing Atlantis released a new trailer that yesterday was exclusive to those who participated in one of the over 300 parties around the world to celebrate humanity’s entry into the final frontier.

Today we are releasing the trailer online! Be sure to check it out!

Next Stop: The Canadian Space Agency and NASA

Hey Chasers,

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Following our last post, which found us in Toronto, we headed over to Montreal to film at our own Canadian Space Agency. The CSA has been in the news a great deal lately with Chris Hadfield’s launch to the International Space Station in December. Paul was able to capture the launch celebration at the CSA with Jenny Chan, one of our associate producers. At the event, Paul met several key CSA personalities, and we thought it fitting to make a return journey to do some interviews at the CSA, and learn more about the role that Canada plays in the exploration of space.


A shot of the Canadian Space Agency. The building is amazing. I wanna have an office there.

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North America Tour!

Hey Chasers,

So we are headed back on the road in a few days. Each time that we think Chasing has wrapped production, another amazing opportunity opens up. This is actually shaping up to be our most epic filming journey yet. Here is what we have lined up:

Starting in Toronto, I’m giving a speech at the University of Toronto International Development Conference ( The conference is being hosted by the current cohort of the program I graduated from at U of T. It’s great to come back to the program because, in a sense, it is like coming full circle. I sometimes felt that I had given up on one dream (space) to embrace another (international aid) but now here I am years later combining both topics into one presentation. While in town, Paul and I will be connecting with Clara Mooney, a grade 2 student who was brought to our attention because of her passion for space. I hear she dressed up as Spock this past Halloween. Clara’s enthusiasm for all things geek reminded us of ourselves at that age and we are excited to connect with her.

Canadarm2 Connected to the International Space Station

Canadarm2 Connected to the International Space Station

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Chris Hadfield Appeals for Peace from Space

For those of you who have been following Chasing Atlantis, you’ll know that one of the interviews that we are most proud of is with Commander Chris Hadfield, Canadian Astronaut and soon-to-be commander of the International Space Station. Commander Hadfield inspired me when I was very young with an interview discussing the fragility of Earth as seen from Orbit. That theme is continued in this article where the astronaut calls for Peace from Space

Chris Hadfield’s Launch Imminent

Hey Chasers,

Paul, Chasing’s Director and Jenny Chan, who has partnered up with on several Chasing Adventures now, are presently in Montreal and will be filming tomorrow’s media event at the Canadian Space Agency observing Chris Hadfield’s launch to the International Space Station. Hadfield’s mission will last 5 months and he is scheduled to take over as commander of the station this March. He will be the first Canadian to command a space vessel.

Stay tuned to our site for updates as well at Twitter for images coming in live from the event. You can also watch both the media event as well as the launch from the Canadian Space Agency’s Website here:  The webcast begins at 6:45 EST December 19th 



Chris Hadfield During our Interview with him for Chasing Atlantis Credit: Melanie Godecki

One End brings a New Beginning

Hey Fellow Chasers!

Well thank you so much for all your support, contributions, and the belief in this film. Last night, at the conclusion of our 47 day IndieGoGo campaign we raised $5610. We want to post a thank you video today, but it will have to wait until later this week because today our production crew heads to Montreal to start filming our next round of interviews, this time at the Canadian Space Agency (CSA).

Tomorrow, Canadian Astronaut Chris Hadfield is riding a Soyuz rocket to the International Space Station (ISS) and we were invited to the CSA media event starting bright and early tomorrow morning. Chris Hadfield will be the first Canadian to take command of the ISS. We’re really excited for this opportunity and we wish Chris all the best as he chases after his dream. You can watch the entire event beginning at 6:45am (EST) on the CSA’s live webcast:

Thank you again. All of this is made possible by you, our generous friends. Stay tuned for more information on twitter, our Facebook page, or our website.

God Speed, Atlantis!
The crew of Chasing Atlantis

6 Hour Remaining!!!

Hey fellow Chasers! We’re on our last few hours of our IndieGoGo campaign. So far we have raised $5265. Help us reach $5500. We’re almost there!

Your contributions go a long way for us to get key interviews and footage necessary for our film. SPOILER ALERT: These funds are already enabling our production team to head to Montreal for a series of interviews at the Canadian Space Agency; but more of that to come in tomorrow’s blog post!

And just remember if you SHARE our campaign link with your friends (heck even your enemies) you could win a ticket for a chance to go to space. Who wouldn’t want a chance to go to space.

Check out our previous blog post to find out more info about this:

– Paul

A Moment with Chris Hadfield: Future ISS Commander

On December 19, 2012 history will be made. Canadian Astronaut Chris Hadfield will board a Russian Soyuz rocket, blast into space, and board the International Space Station as the first Canadian commander of a space vehicle. During production we had the amazing opportunity to sit down and discuss with Chris about  the retirement of the Shuttle program, his first introduction to the space program growing up as a farm kid, and his future mission. As we follow Chris’ journey towards December 19th we want to share with you an excerpt from our interview with him regarding his 5 month mission.

– Paul

The Faces of Chasing Atlantis

Fellow Chasers,

Here is a first look at “Chasing Atlantis.” I hope that you enjoy this teaser. It won’t be the last! Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

– Paul

Back to NASA!!

Hey Chasers,

Some fantastic news!

During our journey to Florida this past Summer, we decided to throw the Chasing Atlantis Twitter feed on the side of our rental car with some window writers. I thought people might be interested in following our journey online. @chasingatlantis adorned on our Chevy Malibu, we rolled into the Kennedy Space Center, Paul brandishing the HD camera out the passenger window to capture the “John F. Kennedy Space Center” sign on the way to see Atlantis on the launch pad.

It was only a few hours later, while we were shooting within the KSC, that I got a tweet from @whitethunder75, AKA Ryan Horan, who has worked through contract with NASA on the space shuttles themselves. He saw a car with a giant camera hanging out the window and the twitter feed on the side. Ryan was interested about our film and felt strongly that projects like Chasing Atlantis facilitate the growth of the space program’s grassroots.

I remained in touch with Ryan following the trip to Florida and after returning from Sierra Leone. Ryan provided us with some amazing shots of Atlantis following its final mission. But he was also thinking about how it might be possible for us to get an even closer look at the shuttle program itself.

This past Tuesday, Ryan announced that he had made arrangements for us to return to the Kennedy Space Center to get up close and personal with a shuttle in the Vehicle Assembly Building. The remaining orbiters, Endeavour and Atlantis, are currently being prepped for public display. We are not certain which of the orbiters are currenlty present in the VAB but estimates look like it will be Endeavour as Atlantis moves into place for engine removal come November. It would be amazing to get to see Atlantis up close. It was the mission that ended the shuttle program and the vessel we drove across North America to see. But getting to enter that building and see any orbiter up close is no small opportunity. I also think it is fitting that we see Endeavour so close. Watching Endeavour’s landing inspired me to think about chasing down the last mission before the program closed to begin with. All of the travel arrangements have been made and we will be leaving for Florida October 22nd.

We are very grateful to Ryan for his efforts and for believing in our project. We are currently working out the details regarding filming permissions for the trip. If all works well, we will have a whole other adventure to add to Chasing Atlantis that we would have never imagined possible prior to our humble road trip. Thank you, Ryan!


Here are the photos Ryan sent us below:

Atlantis is Home