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Finally in Florida

We have just arrived at Daytona Beach which puts us about an hour north of the Kennedy Space Center. We will be heading down tomorrow morning for a tour and to visit the center. Hoping to also catch the new Star Trek exhibit that has opened at the Center as well.

The morning spent with Enterprise was incredible! We will be uploading pictures as soon as I get my Canon camera to agree with me. Thankfully Mel backed up my shaky hand and far less practiced eye for aesthetics.  The day at the center marked the beginning of our trip as well as the beginning of the shuttle program itself. Orbiter 101, Enterprise, served as the flagship of the fleet. While not having traveled into space itself, the prototype shuttle ushered in a new era in space flight.

We were hit by torrential rain storms on the way down to the State. Our newly decorated car fresh with window crayon “” was washed away well before it became of use. Will have to refresh the paint job tomorrow. Sure that the rental company won’t mind our handiwork. Thanks to Mel for a majority of the legible lettering.

Rain may be causing more of a problem than simply the erasure of arts and crafts, however. Latest from the BBC suggests a 60% chance of launch preventing weather. As Chris said when I mentioned this earlier tonight “there is still a 100% chance that we will be there in either case.” That much is certain. We have traveled over 2000KM already. We are committed. We keep our hopes up and pray for good weather on launch day!

-Matthew &8-)