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Boldly Going…to Vegas!!

Hey Chasers!

This past November, we shot an awesome interview with Rod Roddenberry. During the interview he asked if we’d had ever been to the Las Vegas Star Trek convention. Truth is we never have.

Rod suggested we come down to experience the con (Khan) and we thought it would also be an incredible opportunity to meet with some of you to talk about the way that space / science fiction has influenced your life and given you a sense of belonging…on camera!

Trek Khan header


So if you’re going to be in Vegas for the convention, be sure to come find us. We’ll be the guys with a camera wandering around wearing a Chasing Atlantis tee shirts (or Trek shirts with a big camera) Furthermore you can tweet us at @chasingatlantis to let us know that you’re looking for us and we’ll hang out!

See you at the KHAAAAAAAAAAAAN!!

Keep Chasing


Rod Roddenberry: New Worlds, New Families, New Homes

As Eugene “Rod” Roddenberry and I talked about Star Trek in the living room of his home, both a sense of excitement and a question were on my mind. I was excited as it was difficult to believe I was sitting in the house of the caretaker of the Star Trek legacy. Like space itself, a fictional universe, such as Star Trek, can seem unreachable. And yet, while speaking with Rod, I felt like I reached out to that universe and this time it reached back. With Star Trek having the impact on my life that it has, talking to Rod about the philosophies of Star Trek, and the legacy left by his father, Gene Roddenberry, was an opportunity to better understand myself and what Rod called the “family” of fans created by Trek and sci-fi kind. This brought me to my question: Why does space create a home for this family?

Rod Roddenberry (left)  During Interview with Matt  Cimone (right) on Chasing Atlantis

Rod Roddenberry (left) During Interview with Matt Cimone (right) on Chasing Atlantis

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In LA! Roddenberry, SpaceX, Virgin Galactic, Hollywood Sci-Fi Museum

Hey Chasers!

We’re back in Los Angeles. Last time that we were in the City of Angels we had an awesome adventure hanging out with the team from SpaceVidCast (now TMRO), Kevin Grazier, and Bill Nye the Science Guy.

This time we have another exciting line-up of interviews and adventures. Tomorrow, Benjamin Higginbotham of the TMRO team has setup a tour at SpaceX. Not sure exactly what’s in store for us yet, but hoping to get a glimpse of all the space revolutionizing awesomeness that Elon Musk is giving to the world. Likely we will not be able to take any footage at SpaceX, but we might be able to take some stills. We will post them if we can.

The Dragon Captuse Has Seatbelts!! Why didn't  they think of that on the Enterprise!?

The Dragon Captuse Has Seatbelts!! Why didn’t they think of that on the Enterprise!?

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