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Toronto Comicon in T-7 Hours!!

Hey Chasers!

We are going to be setup at Toronto Comicon this weekend! You have the chance to interact with our team, and even get interviewed and/or end up in the film credits! Plus we are running a cool promo this weekend during ComicCon to win a trip to SPAAAAAACE through I Dream of Space 


ComicCon Weekend Promo

If you’re at the Toronto Comicon, be sure to Tweetup with us to find Paul and the camera crew. We’d love to geekout with you!

Keep Chasing!

-Matthew &8-)

Returning Home: The West Coast Leg of the North America Tour

Hey Chasers!

We survived! We successfully made it back to Canada, but not first before making three stops along the West Coast.

We left Florida following our interviews with Ryan Kobrick and John Horan in Florida. During that post we talked about struggles with getting into the new Atlantis Facility. That unfortunately didn’t pan out. We did get amazing footage right under the wing of Atlantis during her roll out but we thought it would be cool to see Atlantis all shrink wrapped and getting prepped for public display this Summer. Alas, NASA was touchy to have Atlantis filmed in such a state and we had no choice but to respect their wishes on that one. Nonetheless, some incredible adventures still awaited us on our next stop: San Francisco


Sun Rise over the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco

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North America Tour!

Hey Chasers,

So we are headed back on the road in a few days. Each time that we think Chasing has wrapped production, another amazing opportunity opens up. This is actually shaping up to be our most epic filming journey yet. Here is what we have lined up:

Starting in Toronto, I’m giving a speech at the University of Toronto International Development Conference ( The conference is being hosted by the current cohort of the program I graduated from at U of T. It’s great to come back to the program because, in a sense, it is like coming full circle. I sometimes felt that I had given up on one dream (space) to embrace another (international aid) but now here I am years later combining both topics into one presentation. While in town, Paul and I will be connecting with Clara Mooney, a grade 2 student who was brought to our attention because of her passion for space. I hear she dressed up as Spock this past Halloween. Clara’s enthusiasm for all things geek reminded us of ourselves at that age and we are excited to connect with her.

Canadarm2 Connected to the International Space Station

Canadarm2 Connected to the International Space Station

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I Dream of Space Weekend Challenge for IndieGoGo

Hey Team!

Between the time of this post (10:00AM PST) and the close of our IndieGoGo campaign on the 18th of December, sharing our campaign link online will enter you into a chance to win a ticket from I Dream of Space.


I Dream of Space is an incredible project created by founder Reuben Metcalfe for those of us non-astronauts who wanted a shot at the stars.  You can purchase raffle tickets from their site for a suborbital flight. Flights would typically run between 100 – 200K dollars. Entering the raffle normally costs $10 but you have the chance for a free raffle entry just by sending out our campaign link. If using twitter or FB just be sure to @ us so that we know you sent it. If a blog post, just ping back to the website. Winners will be announced on Christmas Eve! Yay!

The IndieGoGo Campaign short link is:

Be sure to check out I Dream of Space’s Website or their promo video below


I (You) Dream of Space: A New Opportunity for us Both to Get to Space

Hey Chasers,

Over the last few weeks I have been promoting my entry in Metro Newspaper’s Race to Space, an online voting competition to send one of Metro’s readers to Space.

That competition has now closed and I am ever grateful for your support. We closed yesterday at midnight EST at just under 30,000 votes putting my entry in 13th place overall out 1688 entries! Huzzah. I get the results back from that competition on April 9th. Don’t worry, if I won the Canadian leg of the competition, I will certainly let you all know!

BUT, today, while surfing twitter, I came across a new opportunity for us all to get to space. It’s a project called I Dream of Space Their motto is simple, “Space is for Everyone.” The plan works like this: You buy a cool space poster for $10 and get entered into a draw to win a ticket on one of the new commercial space flight companies like the one Metro is using in their own space competition. Each poster (like a ticket) increases your chances of winning the draw. The company providing the ticket has not yet been determined, but I would recommend checking out the site. You can also follow “I Dream of Space” on twitter @winatriptospace