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Polaris Comes to a Close on the Anniversary of Atlantis’ Final Flight

Today is the final day of Polaris which also coincides with the first anniversary of the final flight of Atlantis.

We have had an absolutely amazing weekend. Polaris was even cooler than I imagined it would be. We have had the privilege to talk to and interview dozens if convention goers who shared amazing stories of past shuttle launches, their amazing passion for science fiction, and celebrate the community they have formed. We also met Chancellor Gowron (Robert O’Reilly) and General Martok (J.G. Hertzler) with whom we got pictures while they were in costume, shared a drink with Stargate’s Tony Amendola¬†(who was kind enough to also visit us at the Chasing Booth and check in) and do a private interview with actor and fan Will Wheaton.

I’ve been to cons before, but there is something very special about Polaris. It is rare to find such a gelled congregation. Piecing up to leave today will be difficult.

But before we leave, we have one last panel to give sharing previews from Chasing. Yesterday’s panel was amazing asking compelling questions and reflecting on their own fascination with the stars. Really looking forward to today, especially in-light of Atlantis’ anniversary.

To those of you who came to visit us at our booth, did an interview, danced Saturday night away with us, and shared your passion we offer our sincerest gratitude!


Chris and Paul at our booth during Polaris 26.