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2015 In Review: Sky’s Calling – and 2016: Chasing’s Completion

Hello Chasers!

2015 was one of the most incredible years for our project. (I have been remiss in updating all of you. I will speak more about my absence at the end.) Each year that we have worked on the film, I look back and think “well…it can’t get any more amazing!” This past year, the film’s themes became clearer, we shot more incredible interviews in awesome settings (like the Enterprise), and I felt the most emotionally connected to the project than I ever have. We found our focus in 2015.¬†When we first began Chasing Atlantis, the film was a story about going to see a space shuttle launch and understanding the shuttle’s technological legacy. Now, four years and change later, I see that the film is really a story about WHY I wanted to see a space shuttle launch. Outside the facility where Atlantis now resides is a quote by Carl Sagan “The Sky Calls to Us.” But how? Why do those shimmering lights in the night captivate us? This is what Chasing Atlantis has become for me; a journey to understand that call and to connect with those that hear it as well.

Matt Cimone with Carl Sagan Quote

Carl Sagan’s quote outside of the Atlantis Facility at the Kennedy Space Center

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Jacob and the Shape Shifting Cube: North America Tour 2 Continues

Hey Chasers,

One of my favorite parts of our journey has been our chance encounters with really interesting and inspiring people. They may not necessarily be celebrities (yet), or shuttle engineers or technicians, but they have a story to tell, wisdom to share, and sometimes those stories and wisdom come our way when our cameras are not in reach.

Today, while in the Los Angeles Airport on our way to Seattle, we met Jacob. Jacob was sitting across from us at the terminal gate skillfully solving a Rubik’s cube. Once the cube was solved, he would reset a timer on his iPhone, scramble the cube, and within seconds, solve it again. Paul and I were mesmerized by Jacob’s super powers. So we decided to ask what he was all about.

Jacob with Paul and Matthew

Jacob with Paul and Matthew

Jacob explained that he was on his way to the Las Vegas Rubik’s Cube World Championship happening this weekend. According to the website, it is an official World Cube Association competition. I wasn’t even aware something like that existed. Jacob says that he completes between 100 to 500 “solves” a day. I have to admit, it’s very cool.

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