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A Different Kind of Frontier (The End of the Race for Space)

Lately, I have given a great deal of thought to my childhood dream of going to space. Reflecting on space has certainly been a central part of Chasing Atlantis, the documentary we shot this past Summer about the final flight of space shuttle Atlantis. The famous lines from the opening of Star Trek described Space as the Final Frontier. It is the ultimate manifestation of the outward journey; one that leaves the confines of this world to explore the beyond. However, I feel that my own journey has breached a different frontier. A more inward journey, one of remembering past goals, finding new hopes, new projects. I may not be venturing into space itself, but I certainly feel like I have been exploring new spaces. With my colleague and friend, Paul Muzzin, Director of Chasing Atlantis, we have a documentary in the works; one which has taken on a life of itself that went beyond any of my wildest expectations. I have a new website up that has become a new outlet for creativity and thought, and the woman I met in Africa back in 2004 who became foundational to Esther’s Echo will be visiting Canada in 10 days.¬†

So, I may not be headed to space, but certainly I have had the opportunity to explore some incredible frontiers lately. And regardless of the Race for Space outcome, I wanted to thank all of you who supported my entry. I was so encouraged by the many supporters who wrote me continually to remind me that they were voting, by those who also shared their dreams of one day going to space, and friends with whom I was reunited even after many years who saw my entry online and wanted to share their support. You all made the competition so worth it! Besides…somewhere inside, I still believe I’ll make it there some day. Perhaps many of us will. Lots of exciting things have happened in space sciences since the end of the Race for Space. The United Nations observed the international day of human space flight on April 12th. The Space Shuttle Discovery flew on the back of a 747 to Washington replacing Enterprise at the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum, Enterprise will be flying over New York City on April 27th, and a new company called Planetary Resources made a bold claim that steps are being taken to begin mining asteroids to delivery their precious resources to our home (they are hiring right now by the way ūüėČ ).¬†

Enterprise and Discovery Swap Places

Above: Enterprise and Discovery Swap Places

Space is a physical place. It is the place beyond the boundary of what we know and what sustains us. It is a place beyond our comfort zones in the most extreme sense. And perhaps it is a place that will yield future resources. But perhaps space, then, is also a place within where we breach the expected, the comfortable and find certain riches. So, in light of the Race for Space and the experience it has been I ask you, what frontiers are before you that you can begin exploring right now? And, if there is a competition involved, know that I’ll for sure be voting for you too!

-Matthew  (United Nations Day of Human Space Flight) (Planetary Resources Website) (Enterprise scheduled to fly over New York City on April 27th)

Last Day to Vote in the Race for Space

Hey Chasers,

At midnight EST, the Race for Space Closes. Thank you very much for your support and votes! The goal is to hit 30K by the end of the evening. So let’s try to push for it!

Here is the link to vote you can vote 10 times on any internet enabled device. 

The youtube version of my entry in the Race for Space Competition is here: Helps to explain my passion for the night sky.

Thanks everybody!


The Race for Space Continues

Hey Chasers,

Metro’s Race for Space continues, and with the addition of a celebrity, there is stiffer competition than before. In an effort to inspire some more votes to get into orbit and to give a 3 minute overview of this website, I put together this short spoken word. I had performed it at SFU a few weeks ago and it was suggested that I record it. Wanted to get it up before April 5th when the competition closes, but after that, I think I’ll do a more elaborate version of it.¬†

Here is the link to the video 

We stand at just around 23,500 votes thus far! Let’s see how far we can push it before April 5th. Thanks again to all of you for your support!

Here is the competition link:



Day 9 in the Race for Space

Hey Chasers,

Although there has been some site issues with Metro In Space lately, we have managed to crack the 19K mark and move into 12th place overall in the Canadian competition. So awesome. The plan is to try and hit top 10 by the end of the competition, April 5th, and come out over 27,000 votes. Totally achievable. 

Thank you for your patience if you’ve been trying to vote and haven’t been able to make it onto the competition website. I haven’t been able to today either, but I am guessing the site will be back up later today.¬†

Also, Burnaby Now ran a story on the Race for Space that featured me as well! You can check out the article here! A big shout out to Jennifer Moreau at Burnaby Now who contacted me to do the article! Thanks, Jennifer!

Remember to keep voting at¬†¬†You can vote up to 10 times a day from any device. So, if you vote at home, work, and on your phone, that’s 30 votes a day!


Day 7 In the Race for Space

Hey Chasers,

Now passing 15K votes in the Race for Space. 2500 more and I move up into 12th place overall in the Canadian competition. I’ve sent out the information about the event to a number of news media outlets now and it has started to get picked up. Thunder Bay and Northwestern Ontario’s¬†¬†¬†posted an article about the Race for Space to share with my hometown community where both Paul and I were born. A shout out to James Murray at Net News for posting the article and helping to spread the word. The article on NetNews can be found ¬†here.

Overall, I have noticed that the average number of votes per hour is starting to increase. I think I can definitely catch top 10 by the end of the voting period and, if things go even more awesomely, maybe even hit the top of the chart. Burnaby Now is also going to be posting an article as I’m presently out at Simon Fraser University’s Burnaby campus East of downtown Vancouver.

Thank you all again for your continued votes. You can continue to vote at my entry on the competition’s page here¬†¬†Remember, you can vote 10 times a day on any computer or mobile device you’re on. So, for example, if you vote at work/school, home and on your phone, that’s 30 votes a day!

To get an idea of why this is so exciting, I’d invite you to read the description of the flight experience here:¬†

Thank you for continued support and for helping me continue this new chase!


Matthew &8-)

Day 6 in the Race for Space!

Day 6 in the Race for Space

Hey Orbiters,

It’s now Day 6 in the Race for Space! Yesterday I was setup with my booth at SFU. Got to talk to some folk who are also space geeks. Printed flyers with QR codes on them so that everybody could scan on their smart phones straight from the booth.¬†

Matt at the Race for Space Booth

The Link to vote went down for a few hours last night. I believe there was a confusion on end of voting dates. It was supposed to close last night in the US but remain open until April 5th in Canada. I e-mailed the competition and they have since e-mailed me back apologizing for the confusion and have re-opened the voting link. The awesome thing is that now, if you go to the gallery page and sort by top entries

You can now find my entry on the first page! Huzzah. Thank you all! 

To continue to vote, just click the link here¬†¬† Only 1800 more votes and I move up 3 more places! Already 16th, that would put me in number 13 edging in closer on the top ten! Remember, you can easily vote 30 times a day. 10 per device you’re on. 10 at work, home and on your phone.¬†



Day 5 In the Race for Space

Day 5 In the Race for Space

It’s been 5 days competing in Metro’s Race for Space, a competition to win a trip on one of the first space tourism flights with aerospace company SXC.

As of right now, I just hit 8500 votes. Amazing! I thought I’d be struggling to hit 1000, and here we are. I want to make the top ten voted individuals. They are not specific as to which of the highest ranked will be considered, but I think that is a fair challenge.¬†

I am currently prepping a booth to put out at Simon Fraser University’s Convocation Mall for tomorrow where, during the day, I will be campaigning to leverage the support of the student population. I’ve got some nifty decor picked out for the booth including some star and planet models, a lego shuttle, and my 80mm Skywatcher telescope. I figure that should draw some attention.¬†

Thank you all again for your continued support, and remember you can vote up to 10 times per day on any connected device that you are on from now until April 5th. So, for example, that’s ten votes at work, ten at home and ten on your phone each day! I know we can crack the top ten! Here’s the Link!


Day 2 in the Race for Space

Hey Chasers,

Only a day and a half in and I’ve already grabbed 3400 votes for my entry in Metro Newspaper’s Race for Space Competition. Thanks to everybody who’s been voting for the support. Here’s the current strategy.

The top voter is still a ways off from where we’re at. However, we have moved to 30th place out of approx 2000 entries. Not too shabby. The goal is to get into the top ten meaning we’ll have to hit about 15 000 ish votes. It can be done! Still averaging about 50-100 votes per hour presently. And there are surges here and there as well. Once we get to the top ten, we end up closer to the front page meaning it is easier for people on the interwebs to see the post!

So keep those votes coming by going to the link: and remember that you can vote up to ten times a day every day from now until the contest closes on April 5th!

Thanks, Team!




Help Put Matthew Into SPACE…Literally

Hey Chasers,

Metro newspaper is running a competition to put one of their readers on a sub-orbital flight that literally crests the edge of the atmosphere. As you might know from our project, I really dig space, and always wanted to get up there somehow. This is an opportunity to do just that. 

The competition is based on entry and by vote. My entry is below. You can vote multiple times a day. Any support would be greatly appreciated!!