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Happy Star Trek 50th Anniversary

Hey Chasers!

Yesterday marked Star Trek’s 50th birthday! September 8th 1966 saw the first episode of Trek as we know it now with Kirk, Spock…and Bones…though he took that day off.


Star Trek has been an enormous inspiration in my life. Trek was what first brought my heart and mind to the stars. Some of my earliest memories are of watching the Original Series movies. The first movie I remember seeing in a theatre was Star Trek IV. I flew a die cast Klingon Bird of Prey around a paper cut out sun suspended from our apartment ceiling to make it go back in time and save the whales. The show was not only my gateway to the wider universe I perceived out there, but the stories of camaraderie and IDIC (Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations) became virtues that are foundational to my life. I was raised by Trek. Even when I didn’t go into sciences, my undergrad in international studies was founded upon Trek inspiration. In my mind, the crew of the Enterprise was travelling through the Universe and doing good, so too then would I in the world if I couldn’t in the stars.

To celebrate Trek’s 50th, we’ve put together a tribute video made from interviews with Trek cast, crew, and fans over the years. We’re so humbled by their willingness to be a part of our story especially since I have felt like a part of theirs.

Live Long and Prosper!

Epic Close to 2014! And Happy New Year!

Happy New Year, Chasers!

The last few months have been absolutely amazing as we have headed into closing our primary videography for Chasing Atlantis. In October, we shot an amazing interview with Star Trek’s Rod Roddenberry, and more recently, through November and December, we “caught” Atlantis in her new home at the Kennedy Space Center as well as witnessed the historic launch of the Orion capsule.

Matt and Paul with Shuttle Atlantis in the Background

Matt and Paul with Shuttle Atlantis in the Background

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Chasing Atlantis in “The Peak” Simon Fraser University News Paper

Hey Chasers,

In my other life, I work at Simon Fraser University in Residence Life. It’s an awesome gig. I get to work in a community of nearly 2000 students and family members who are all working toward incredible goals and dreams AND I get to incorporate my other projects, such as Chasing Atlantis, into the community here at the University such as when we interviewed SFU professor Howard Trottier last month. Another one of those overlaps between my space life and my University life recently happened with the SFU student newspaper. This week’s edition was a “Space” edition and they sought me out to talk about Chasing Atlantis. You can check out the article by clicking here or the title above.

-Keep Chasing

-Matt &8-)

Next Stop: The Canadian Space Agency and NASA

Hey Chasers,

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Following our last post, which found us in Toronto, we headed over to Montreal to film at our own Canadian Space Agency. The CSA has been in the news a great deal lately with Chris Hadfield’s launch to the International Space Station in December. Paul was able to capture the launch celebration at the CSA with Jenny Chan, one of our associate producers. At the event, Paul met several key CSA personalities, and we thought it fitting to make a return journey to do some interviews at the CSA, and learn more about the role that Canada plays in the exploration of space.


A shot of the Canadian Space Agency. The building is amazing. I wanna have an office there.

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Our Two Favourite (Canadian) Starship Commanders United

In case you missed this piece of awesomeness, Commander Chris Hadfield, whom we had the privilege of interviewing for Chasing Atlantis, connected live with William Shatner while Chris is on board the International Space Station

North America Tour!

Hey Chasers,

So we are headed back on the road in a few days. Each time that we think Chasing has wrapped production, another amazing opportunity opens up. This is actually shaping up to be our most epic filming journey yet. Here is what we have lined up:

Starting in Toronto, I’m giving a speech at the University of Toronto International Development Conference ( The conference is being hosted by the current cohort of the program I graduated from at U of T. It’s great to come back to the program because, in a sense, it is like coming full circle. I sometimes felt that I had given up on one dream (space) to embrace another (international aid) but now here I am years later combining both topics into one presentation. While in town, Paul and I will be connecting with Clara Mooney, a grade 2 student who was brought to our attention because of her passion for space. I hear she dressed up as Spock this past Halloween. Clara’s enthusiasm for all things geek reminded us of ourselves at that age and we are excited to connect with her.

Canadarm2 Connected to the International Space Station

Canadarm2 Connected to the International Space Station

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Our Latest Trailer

This is the trailer we launched along side our IndieGoGo campaign if you have yet to check it out. Has some greats of space, geeks like us, and a celeb or two. Just sayin’ 😉

We’re in Universe Today!

Universe Today writer Elizabeth Howell contacted us a few weeks ago about doing an article in Universe Today. I was super stoked because I follow Universe Today and our team was honored to make a contribution. Elizabeth also writes about subject material we are into such as thoughts on Star Trek and SPAAAAAACE!! We are definitely down with exploring both the science as well as the fiction.

Please check out the article HERE

And a huge thank you to Elizabeth for taking the time to talk with us. Take the time to visit her site!



Atlantis Enters Vehicle Assembly Building (Cr. Ryan Horan)

Photos Updated!

Hey Chasers,

In light of the new content we are putting together in anticipation of Polaris this weekend, I have been updating the Photo page and added many new production stills to the Flickr account. 

Be sure to visit the Photo page to check out all the new shots spanning our 3 trips to the Kennedy Space Center in July of 2011, October of 2011 and March of 2012!



Headed to FanExpo Vancouver

Hey Chasers,

Quick update. Tomorrow is Vancouver’s first ever FanExpo. Typically FanExpo is centered in Toronto. The convention marks one of my favorite times of the year. As someone keen on community building, it is harder to find a more diverse, welcoming, passionate and engaging community than at the Toronto FanExpo. Having now become a permanent Vancouver resident, I was disappointed I couldn’t attend the Toronto convention last August as the dates fell during one of the busiest times of the year here at Simon Fraser University. However, word came that FanExpo would be reaching out West and coinciding with the annual Canadian Video Game Awards. Furthermore, Victor Lucas, founder of Electric Playground and Reviews on the Run under Greedy Productions, will be at the show. I had been a fan of Elec Play for a number of years but really gained respect for Victor following his insightful and creative speech at TEDx Vancouver where he discusses his new role as a father. I’m looking forward to meet him in person. 

One of my favorite pieces of memorabilia made it across the country in time for FanExpo. A close friend of mine and member of the Esther’s Echo Board of Directors, Micaela Roughton, found a Battlestar Galactica promotional package for the sci-fi epic’s entry into the Emmy awards. The package, featuring glossy photos of the cast and 3 episodes prior to completed post-production, was limited to cast/crew and judging panels but some found their way online for sale and Micaela snatched one for me. Over the years I have been securing autographs for the book. My brother and his fiance were holding onto the Emmy package for me and mailed it from Toronto just in time. Michael Hogan was slated to be at FanExpo tomorrow (Saturday the 21st), but it seems now he may have cancelled. I will truck it out none-the-less. 

I’ll have shots from the event up soon. I also have a final update from the Race to Space in the next blog! Thanks so much again to everybody who supported me by voting!

You can find the link for FanExpo Vancouver at and, if you’re going to be at the event, tweet me! @chasingatlantis