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Space Camp with Astronaut Abby : North America Tour 2

Hey Chasers!

Continuing on our backblogged updates from the North America Tour 2, we’re headed to Space Camp!

As a youngster, the dream of going to space was accompanied by the dream of getting the best training to do so. Where? At Space Camp of course!

Space Camp is located in Huntsville, Alabama. The site was established in 1982 as the U.S. Space and Rocket Center’s education outreach program.

A full sized mockup space shuttle attached to an actual external fuel tank at Space Camp

Outside Space Camp: A full sized mockup space shuttle attached to an actual external fuel tank

Space Camp is about as cool as you might think it would be; simulated space missions, a moon base, a functioning mission control center, ISS simulator, and…oh yeah…a military grade centrifuge to replicate the same G forces experienced by astronauts on take off. All of these incredible experiences are designed to provide youth with an opportunity to explore their passion for space as well as promote science education. ┬áThere is even an adult program for those of us who want to be kids again (or never really stopped being kids to begin with)

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North America Tour 2: Shuttles, Space Camp, Astronaut Abby, SpaceVidCast and Bill NYE!

Hey Chasers!

Paul and I just landed last night in Los Angeles. We have a pretty exciting lineup of interviews and visits setup on this trip. Seems that each time we think production is coming to a close, another incredible opportunity arises. On our last North America Tour, we started in Montreal and ended in Vancouver while visiting the Canadian Space Agency, the Kennedy Space Center, I Dream of Space, Planetary Resources, and finally interviews at Simon Fraser University with particle physicist and amateur astronomy Howard Trottier.

This time around we are beginning in LA with Bill Nye tomorrow (very excited about this) at the Planetary Society, heading to the Seattle Museum of Flight to grab footage of their shuttle trainer that was used to actually prepare future astronauts, then spending 3 days at Space Camp in Huntsville Alabama to meet Astronaut Abby, and finally returning to LA to meetup with the team at SpaceVidCast. More interviews to follow in Montreal in September.

Shuttle Trainer at the Seattle Museum of Flight

Shuttle Trainer at the Seattle Museum of Flight


Remember! We have an amazing opportunity posted for you to contribute to our line up of questions for Bill Nye tomorrow (July 25th) ! Follow this link to ASK BILL NYE A QUESTION

Bill Nye the Science Guy

Bill Nye the Science Guy


Stay tuned for more updates on North America Tour 2! We’ll keep posting in the next few days as we travel!

Keep Chasing!