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Toronto and Clara Mooney: Our First North America Tour Stop

Hey Chasers,

Today was the first day of our epic North America tour.  We were able to sit down with Toronto Grade 1 student, Clara Mooney and her family. Clara is one of the brightest young people I have ever met. She spent the morning with us talking about her love of space, her Chemistry science fair project, her favorite episodes of start trek, and all things geek.

I was really glad to be able to meet Clara. She reminded me of where I started my space adventure at a very young age also watching episodes of Star Trek and having planet models adorning my room. We have had several opportunities to speak to those who have worked for decades in the space program and have even since retired from NASA. Many of them spoke of a childhood inspiration which guided their careers toward the stars. If we could go back in time and interview these individuals as a child, myself included, I think they would all share a great deal in common with this extraordinary young girl.


I’m stoked to show the very fun and very cool interview that Clara did with us. She will be joining the many other amazing crew we have had the privilege of meeting during our chase of Atlantis and will be among the film’s interviews. In the meantime, Clara’s “Chasing Atlantis” tagline!!

Our Two Favourite (Canadian) Starship Commanders United

In case you missed this piece of awesomeness, Commander Chris Hadfield, whom we had the privilege of interviewing for Chasing Atlantis, connected live with William Shatner while Chris is on board the International Space Station

Chris Hadfield Appeals for Peace from Space

For those of you who have been following Chasing Atlantis, you’ll know that one of the interviews that we are most proud of is with Commander Chris Hadfield, Canadian Astronaut and soon-to-be commander of the International Space Station. Commander Hadfield inspired me when I was very young with an interview discussing the fragility of Earth as seen from Orbit. That theme is continued in this article where the astronaut calls for Peace from Space

2013 YouTube Challenge: Happy New Year!

Hey Chasers!

To ring in the New Year we had an idea. Chasing Atlantis is a film about how people are inspired by space and space exploration. But it is also about the pursuit of one’s passion and the journey that can lead you on. In light of this, we want to hear more about what YOU are pursuing this year through our YouTube Challenge. It doesn’t have to be space related. We just want to know what you are passionate about. We are doing the project to inspire others to also pursue their own dreams/interests this year AND we will be using some of the videos in the film! Be sure to re-post the video on our Facebook page and send us an e-mail at if you put one up!  We hope to see a whole bunch of them online! Happy 2013!!




Remembering Carl Sagan

January is approaching.

Geeky as it may be, one of my favorite things to do toward the end of the month is flip the pages on all my various astrophotograpahy calendars. People know I’m into that kind of thing so I tend to have several going at once. One of my friends was kind enough to already get me one in anticipation of 2013. Anyhow, in counting down the days on the calendar in my office, it reminded me with important dates marked out, that today is the anniversary of  legendary Carl Sagan’s passing

Carl Sagan

Carl Sagan

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Chris Hadfield’s Launch Imminent

Hey Chasers,

Paul, Chasing’s Director and Jenny Chan, who has partnered up with on several Chasing Adventures now, are presently in Montreal and will be filming tomorrow’s media event at the Canadian Space Agency observing Chris Hadfield’s launch to the International Space Station. Hadfield’s mission will last 5 months and he is scheduled to take over as commander of the station this March. He will be the first Canadian to command a space vessel.

Stay tuned to our site for updates as well at Twitter for images coming in live from the event. You can also watch both the media event as well as the launch from the Canadian Space Agency’s Website here:  The webcast begins at 6:45 EST December 19th 



Chris Hadfield During our Interview with him for Chasing Atlantis Credit: Melanie Godecki

6 Hour Remaining!!!

Hey fellow Chasers! We’re on our last few hours of our IndieGoGo campaign. So far we have raised $5265. Help us reach $5500. We’re almost there!

Your contributions go a long way for us to get key interviews and footage necessary for our film. SPOILER ALERT: These funds are already enabling our production team to head to Montreal for a series of interviews at the Canadian Space Agency; but more of that to come in tomorrow’s blog post!

And just remember if you SHARE our campaign link with your friends (heck even your enemies) you could win a ticket for a chance to go to space. Who wouldn’t want a chance to go to space.

Check out our previous blog post to find out more info about this:

– Paul

Chasing Atlantis Team on Florida Local 840 Radio Today

Hey Team! 
Paul and I will be doing a radio interview on Local 840 Radio “Your Local Space Coast Connection” at 5:10 EST today. You can stream the broad cast here:



A Message from Chasing’s Director: Paul Muzzin

I Dream of Space Weekend Challenge for IndieGoGo

Hey Team!

Between the time of this post (10:00AM PST) and the close of our IndieGoGo campaign on the 18th of December, sharing our campaign link online will enter you into a chance to win a ticket from I Dream of Space.


I Dream of Space is an incredible project created by founder Reuben Metcalfe for those of us non-astronauts who wanted a shot at the stars.  You can purchase raffle tickets from their site for a suborbital flight. Flights would typically run between 100 – 200K dollars. Entering the raffle normally costs $10 but you have the chance for a free raffle entry just by sending out our campaign link. If using twitter or FB just be sure to @ us so that we know you sent it. If a blog post, just ping back to the website. Winners will be announced on Christmas Eve! Yay!

The IndieGoGo Campaign short link is:

Be sure to check out I Dream of Space’s Website or their promo video below