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Headed to Africa

Hey Chasers,

Paul and I are off to Africa working on another project for Esther’s Echo ( Development is my field of study and I’m really excited about the opportunity get abroad and start the first community project for our organization. It’s been a few years in the making! Below is the IndieGoGo project profile for the trip if you’d like to learn more about it. We’ll be off the grid for a few weeks until we get back at which time we’ll be back at work on Chasing Atlantis.

Remember, from orbit, the world is bordlerless!


Liftoff! And Happily Ever After

Hey chasers!

Without me having to post you know by now that the final shuttle launch has been completed successfully. Beside me, thousands gathered on the shores of Titusville to bear witness; each grasping at this moment in history; an attempt to possess a moment in time and preserve it within a chalice of memories.

The countdown roared across the masses; a synchronized unity of peoples and nations observing units of determination stronger than gravity. 10…9…8 the engines fired. A billion eyes around the world gaze upon the first signs of ignition, a billowing plume of flame and smoke and past tragedy and future hopes and present dreams. 7…6…5…4…3…a jungle of tripod legs make their final adjustments around me…2…1…

Two surges of power unite across the waters. A wave of sonic distortion from millions of pounds of thrust collide with the inspiration of a million spectators. The combined energies hurdle a shuttle into orbit at thousands of miles per hour and a civilization into awe and questions of the future.

Atlantis’ launch was like experiencing an annotation of my life all in a single moment. Childhood dreams of crossing the atmospheric threshold, crushing disappointment of myopia, new found passion for global development and renewed passion for studying sciences all in a single thrust of emotions, memories and liquid hydrogen.

I have yet to fully appreciate the impact this week trip across the continent to Florida with my Chasing Atlantis friends has had on me. But I look forward to reviewing the hours of footage, dozens of interviews, and personal reflection that we documented through Virgina, Pennsylvania and finally Florida to discover exactly what I’ve learned.

I now sit at a different union of energies, that of a bride and groom. One of my closest friends and fellow Co-Founder of Esther’s Echo, Stephen Tracy, became a husband only a few hours ago married to his new wife, Sheralyn. The same grace that has shone upon us during our chase of Atlantis ensuring our safe travels and connections with amazing individuals across the US brought me home and in time for the wedding (with a nail biting twenty minutes before “I do.”) As the sun sets on the lakes of Muskoka, North of Toronto, and wedding celebrations continue into the night, Steve and Sheralyn’s union remind me why I embarked for the Cape to begin with; connection. Connection with others to find a common sense of hope, inspiration, and create even bigger dreams together.