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New Cast Page Shows Off Our Interviews

Hey Team!

We just updated the site to include our “CAST” page that can be found here

The page gives a sampling of the interviews that we have conducted to date. Going  through the list to see just how many incredible people we have had the pleasure of meeting was a great way to reflect on everything that has transpired since we left to go see Atlantis’ launch. When we first set out on the journey, I don’t think we realized just how many interviews we would end up conducting both formal as well as spontaneous. The whole project has been worth it for this experience alone; a chance to meet astronauts, actors, writers, engineers, inventors and dreamers.

This update to the site is part of an overhaul to the IndieGoGo campaign page to help us have the strongest last week as we possibly can! If you haven’t already seen our fundraising campaign through IndieGoGo, check us out at 



We’re in Universe Today!

Universe Today writer Elizabeth Howell contacted us a few weeks ago about doing an article in Universe Today. I was super stoked because I follow Universe Today and our team was honored to make a contribution. Elizabeth also writes about subject material we are into such as thoughts on Star Trek and SPAAAAAACE!! We are definitely down with exploring both the science as well as the fiction.

Please check out the article HERE

And a huge thank you to Elizabeth for taking the time to talk with us. Take the time to visit her site!



Atlantis Enters Vehicle Assembly Building (Cr. Ryan Horan)

Follow Up Interviews, return of team, and the future

Hey Chasers,

It’s been over a week since the launch of Space Shuttle Atlantis. Following my return from Florida to catch the wedding, Paul remained in Florida to conduct a last-minute interview that we managed to grab with Story Musgrave! Story had a more controversial take on the end of the shuttle program than some of the other individuals that we spoke to. As we start going through all of the footage we will definitely start to post clips of the interview material. In general, Story was quite adamant that the space program has lost its focus and that without direction, we will not see the progress in space exploration that we have witnessed over the last several decades nor will we see anything built upon the legacy left by the space shuttle. Paul was also able to get several more interviews with former NASA employees and members of the Titusville community before returning to Canada last weekend.

As of mid last week, Rebecca and Chris returned from Florida. They were the only members of the team to actually make a return drive back from the Sunshine State. We are now all back in Canada with many stories to share of our trip. My thanks to all of you who kept up to date on the blog and decided to follow us on Twitter @chasingatlantis

But, we’re not finished yet! With all the footage we’ve acquired, we will begin to make video posts of the material we’ve collected to give you an idea of what shape the documentary will take. We’d also love to get some participation on the part of the community with the development of the documentary. We have some neat ideas that we will be pitching your way soon. Keep an eye out on the blog, Facebook and on Twitter!


Matthew &8-)