Matthew: At age 15, Matthew Cimone discovered that his eyesight had disqualified him from flying with the Royal Canadian Airforce. Initially determined to join the Canadian Space Agency with acquired skills in jet fighter training, Matthew decided to satiate his desire to explore by traveling the globe. After living in West Africa, Matthew became co-founder and CEO of Esther’s Echo ( a start-up charity that helps grassroots initiatives in the developing world profile their work online to secure financial support. Matthew merges his passions for social justice and astronomy/science fiction on his website through which he is mobilized as a public speaker having engaged over 50 000 youth across Canada. In 2006 he was named Youth Spokesperson for the Millennium Development Goals by the United Nations and hopes one day to play a rock concert in space.  Matthew continues to be in awe of the night sky and the broader perspective that the study of the universe lends to our tiny Blue Earth. He currently lives and works at Simon Fraser University, Vancouver. 


Paul: From an early age, Paul Muzzin has had a love affair with the arts. at the age of 6 he wanted to be an actor; at 10 he was creating stop motion films; at 14 he was playing the cello and dabbling in monster makeup and special effects. dismissing these desires as just a hobby, he navigated high school pursuing a career in medicine. two years before graduating he fell in love with the moving image and dared to change his goals to that of cinematography and directing. Paul attended film school at the prestigious Sheridan college, and has had the privilege to work alongside, and mentor under, different industry professionals. over the years, Paul has focused a large part of his filmmaking career towards working with a variety of non-profit organizations. Paul owns and operates the production company, Riptide Studios inc. (; is exploring interactive art through the synergy of mixed media and experimental filmmaking; is happily married to his wonderful wife of seven years, Stephanie living in Toronto; and would one day love to fulfill his childhood dream of becoming a Ghostbuster.


Melanie: For as long as she can remember Melanie has not been able to sleep in, even on weekends. Not wanting to wake her parents, she would turn on the TV on Saturday mornings and watch her favorite science shows until the weekend cartoons would begin. She developed a love for science and decided to be a paleontologist when she grew up. A few years later, after reading a dense palaeontology text and wavering in her resolve, Melanie watched the film Jurassic Park. She no longer wanted to be a paleontologist. She wanted to be Steven Spielberg. She received a Where’s Waldo camera for her birthday that year, and began capturing the world around her through a lens. (Waldo was predictable – always in the bottom right corner.)At 14, Melanie saved her earnings from her first job at a flower shop to buy herself a camcorder. she started filming family events and making short films with her younger brother and sister.After graduating from film school, Melanie worked in many roles in Thunder Bay, Ontario’s blossoming film industry. award-winning projects included the NFB documentary letters from Karelia and Dorothea Mitchell: a reel pioneer, as well as music videos, short films and commercial projects. Melanie has continued to photograph the people in her life, behind the scenes of films and even the occasional wedding for a friend. it was during this time that she finally realized that photography had won her over. She loves the science of light, the art of capturing a moment in time and the sound of the shutter clicking for the perfect shot.


Steve: Composer: Steve Cupani is a Canadian composer for film and television, and is among one of Canada’s emerging film scoring talents. His list of credits include feature films, documentaries, short films and trailers. Steve entered the film scoring industry during a Composer’s Apprentice/Mentor Program in 2003 with the Guild of Canadian Film Composers, and soon began working on several projects, showcasing his diverse musical style. Besides his current work for Chasing Atlantis’ score, his other scores include Aeternus (2012), Fortune Cookie Prophecies (2011), Burning Daylight (2010), Getting Away with Murder (CBC 2010), and English Butler Masala Chai (2009) just to name a few. In 2008, Steve participated in a Composer/Filmmaker program with the Canadian Film Centre, and scored a short feature, Adam Avenger, which received a Golden Sprocket Award and Golden Kite Award. Its closing credits theme was selected in 2009 for an Orchestral Reading/Scoring session at the CBC’s Glenn Gould Studio. In 2010, Steve scored the short film, The Nickel, which received an Accolade Award and Best International Children’s Film Award. He studied music composition, orchestration, and music theory with composer/conductor, Dr. Roman Toi, at the Royal Conservatory of Music where he received his Certificate with Honours. Steve lives in Toronto, Canada and is managed by Ron Prolux of Aprix Media.

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