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It’s Official! Mars Did Have A Habitable Environment!

In a press conference today, An announcement was made that the Mars Curiosity Rover has discovered that Mars once supported a habitable environment. Very cool news as that means that, at one time, life could have existed on the Red Planet.

Now there has been confusion over the announcement. Not to add to this confusion, the rover has NOT discovered life itself either in the past or present, but rather the rover has confirmed that the planet supported conditions that could’ve given rise to life.

The news is particularly exciting to us as during our recent North America Tour, we were able to sit down with Chris Voorhees of Planetary Resources who served as Chief Engineer for mechanical assembly, integration and testing of the Mars Science Laboratory that makes up the Curiosity Rover. It’s very cool to think that we will be able to share with you the insights of somebody who has helped to make this discovery possible!

Check the link above for the article on about the Mars discovery!


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Chasing Atlantis in “The Peak” Simon Fraser University News Paper

Hey Chasers,

In my other life, I work at Simon Fraser University in Residence Life. It’s an awesome gig. I get to work in a community of nearly 2000 students and family members who are all working toward incredible goals and dreams AND I get to incorporate my other projects, such as Chasing Atlantis, into the community here at the University such as when we interviewed SFU professor Howard Trottier last month. Another one of those overlaps between my space life and my University life recently happened with the SFU student newspaper. This week’s edition was a “Space” edition and they sought me out to talk about Chasing Atlantis. You can check out the article by clicking here or the title above.

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Our Two Favourite (Canadian) Starship Commanders United

In case you missed this piece of awesomeness, Commander Chris Hadfield, whom we had the privilege of interviewing for Chasing Atlantis, connected live with William Shatner while Chris is on board the International Space Station

Chris Hadfield Appeals for Peace from Space

For those of you who have been following Chasing Atlantis, you’ll know that one of the interviews that we are most proud of is with Commander Chris Hadfield, Canadian Astronaut and soon-to-be commander of the International Space Station. Commander Hadfield inspired me when I was very young with an interview discussing the fragility of Earth as seen from Orbit. That theme is continued in this article where the astronaut calls for Peace from Space