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Chasing Atlantis Yuri’s Night Celebration Trailer

In celebration of Yuri’s Night, Chasing Atlantis released a new trailer that yesterday was exclusive to those who participated in one of the over 300 parties around the world to celebrate humanity’s entry into the final frontier.

Today we are releasing the trailer online! Be sure to check it out!

A Valentine’s Message from Director Paul Muzzin to his Wife Stephanie

Paul gets sentimental sharing his love and care to Stephanie, his wife.

A HUGE thanks to Steph. Without her support. The film would not be possible.

First Chasing Atlantis YouTube Challenge Responses!

Hey Chasers! In response to our Chasing Atlantis YouTube Challenge ( we received this video from students at Simon Fraser University! If you have an idea for a response to the Challenge, be sure to post it and let us know all about what you are chasing in 2013!

A Message from Chasing’s Director: Paul Muzzin

Star Trek Into Darkness Trailer Posted!

For all you Trekkies out there both new and seasoned, here is a look at the new JJ Abrams Trek film. The Trailer was just posted today. Rumor has it that there is an extended 9min trailer that will launch with the Hobbit Movie as well.

I loved the last Abrams Trek movie. Definitely a fresh take on the franchise. Really looking forward to this one. Tried to be an extra in it…didn’t work out. Next one!

Wheaton Steps Up for NASA Spinoffs

A familiar face to us at Chasing Atlantis, Wil Wheaton discusses some of the spin-off technologies and industry associated with NASA’s space program.

Our Latest Trailer

This is the trailer we launched along side our IndieGoGo campaign if you have yet to check it out. Has some greats of space, geeks like us, and a celeb or two. Just sayin’ 😉